Therapy and Mental Skills for Athletes and Performers

Noah Merl, LCSW

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About Noah

- UC Berkeley Soccer 2001-2004, Captain '02 - '04
- Drafted by San Jose Earthquakes while injured
- Seattle Sounders (2006-2008), won USL championship 2007
- 2007 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup USA team member
- De La Salle High School Athletic Hall of Fame inductee 2021
- BA UC Berkeley 2005
- MSW University of Maryland at Baltimore 2011
- Therapist at Johns Hopkins, UCSF, Kaiser Permanente, & Performance Psychology Center
- Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#74059)

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The Mission

At Athletic Acumen I provide psychotherapy services and mental skills training to athletes and performers, serving individuals from my home community of the East Bay and throughout California through telehealth (virtual) appointments. I am available to consult with teams, coaches, and organizations as well on a case-by-case basis.

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"My ultimate goal is to help performers reach their personal performance goals and live a higher quality of life."
- Terry Orlick, PhD

"So for me, it's that much more special because it's athlete to athlete, like I understand what they just put their body through to get here, and so there's so much mutual respect and admiration."
- Kobe Bryant, 'Redeem Team'

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